Tuesday, 30 August 2011

 Hi guys ^-^,
So Summer Vaction is over and it's time to start hitting the books again, I have to say that this holiday was not at all what I anticipated...way more relaxed. But hey ho some times its good to just chill and let all the stress go.So with a new year comes...A NEW WADROBE! Excited...an this year its a bit of a change up as the dress code has been changed to a more formal dark and dreary suits...but I plan to add my own flair nevertheless! And tbh its nice to have a seperation between going out and "work" wear. Here's a few things I've been browsing through for ideas...hover over the pics for links to the sights ;)
Think I've decided contrary to my pics to keep it simple this year...its all about studies. Hope you enjoy and I will deffo do a first day back at school OOTD for you :)
Toodles xoxox



Elina Tailored Crop Blazer-£22.99


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Love me like I never Left

Okay so it has been a while, Summer holidays are over and we're packing away the bikini's

Friday, 5 August 2011

Smile like it's been a while

Cause it has been a bit of a while hasn't it my dearss...I have missed you dearly just been rather busy but largely lazy...but today was rather a chilled day so I've managed to get in the zone of organization...though not as fully as I intended to...Still have an article to write on a convention I attendend on Tuesday held by the British Youth Council. One of the really interesting workshops we took part in was Votes at 16. It's a hard one I kept going back and forth because I know that I have a strong passion for politics and initiatives such as British Youth Council share the same viewpoint HOWEVER even if you were to collate the number of youth councils/advisors/ parliaments they would be in the minority compared those who frankly don't have a clue. And to be honest I don't blame them, sorry to use the cliche but I believe it's the system. Ignorance is almost our default setting but it is only until we are fully educated and informed in our understanding that we can make an informed decision. I would love to see a curriculm where in which children are taught politics from a young age...year 3? So that parties...elections and parliament are common knowledge then maybe we'll see the voting turn out rise and an excitement and a thirst for politics, democracy and equality just as much as I do.

Well there's my rant lol.x

Off to Chinease in a bit to celebrate Mamaji and Papaji's 6year anniversary.x

In a while crocodiles ;).x

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A week passed like a day

It's been a week already...which is rather crazy and a bit scary as I've been meaning to post but just didn't have anything worthwhile..Don't lnow why these pics are the wrong way round as I did correct them but aah well tough titiees ahaha! :P Wanna do a full update but I've got an early start :/ So I'll debrief in a little while.. One of my favourite recent purchases is this hat...Got so many ideas of how to style it can't wait to show you guys...but for now in a while crocidile ;)


Sunday, 17 July 2011


Quick Outfit Post. Inspired by my friend Dorinda's dress. Larvee the Asymetrical, long at the back short at the front feel :)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Priorites....Organised Mess

I think the key or should I say one of the keys, to success is being able to prioritize. A lot of time in life it feels like your constantly juggling tasks, errands, family life, relationships, hoping and praying that you'll keep them all up in the air for just enough time to figure out what to do next. Well at least it seems that way for me.

I'm the type of person who likes the idea of organisation, for example I love post it's, lists and highlighters, but when it comes down to it...I can be quite last minute. I mean there is a method to my madness but sometimes I feel like my priorities need to be rejigged because God is my number ONE priority in this life. Although I know I don't always put him first which is wrong cause I believe that if I did everything else has a tendancy to fall into place under his guidance.

Went through a lot this week...finding out that things don't always turn out the way you want them to...but as much as I hate this saying...and as much as I use it wayy too much...everything happens for a reason :)

I'll leave you with my outfit post and a few other bits and bobs I've seen around :')

Enjoy my lovies

Remember life is for the living so live it to the full! ;)

Think she looks a lot like my mum :)

Me Monkeying around :P

My Door featuring all my fav peeps <3

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

After all the only two constant things in life is change and....well change!

Hi Ho readers from the world WIDE web :D

Sorry I'm in a bit of a silly mood today :) It has been a while I must say and I have missed you so ;) I have been a little busy been for the most part going to various Medway Youth Parliament Meetings and Black History Month Steering Groups and also been applying for charity shops since I practically live in there...  the things you can find are golden and at such a bargain!

Hope you notice I've made a few changes to ye Olde blog in terms of the name border and background...will be doing a bit of Homes under the Hammer once I learn how to manouver round the site a little better.

Back to school is rather strenous on me mentally and physically, constantly tired trying to put my 110% in but I do have rather a lot on my plate.

University scares. Now is the time I've been anticipating....talk of personal statements and UCAS applications. I have to admit It scares me as I'm still not certain what I want to do however I do know I want to take a gap year so the urge to snatch up the option to apply next year rather than applying on a deffered year is extremely enticing but I must...."RESIST THE FORCE!" because the temptation to carry on working may rear its head, of which I can't afford as I am adamant that I've always wanted the Uni Experience.

Shopping Deprivation
I am so in need of a good shop for some neccesaties in my closet. I'm a strong believer of reinvention and working with what you've got


a little update of accesories or a few key pieces can elevate one to that next level of style heaven :) Mumsy have promised me a shopping trip before I break up for summer holiday next year so I'll do a haul video as soon as I do that :)

Here's a few tid bits I've seen around and love and also some of the OOTD's I've posted on lookbook.

Enjoy my lovies

Remember life is for the living so live it to the full! ;)
La-la-la-Larve this Skirt on Ciara and the way she styled it is simple yet there are so many different ways it can be styled. Love the African feel to it. Reminds me of Skittles...taste the Rainbow :P It's pricey at $176 by Ronnie Kobo Iwould rather find an alternative! 

These babies are just begging to be worn this summer think this will be my next DIY challange ;)

Cute beach look :) and the girl is alright too lol ;)

SHORT HAIR-Love it yet to afraid to take the leap and do it myself!

CUTE! <3
 One of my favourite past times whenever guests come round is a good old game of scrabble probbs cause its the only board game we still have the pieces to!...this time I won!

New Logo!